Smart contract isn't smart without an oracle. Few.


Bob verifies Alice data without exposing any data. Few.


Country that is second largest in world by nominal GDP considers chainlink. Few.

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About SSL

First off SSL is not Secure Sockets Layer, it’s an acronym for Sergey Saved Link!
Started off as a meme token with zero utility. We had no website, no dApp. Literally nothing, just a token. What started off as a token with hardly any utility, just as a ‘can we do it too’, has grown to become so much. 

SSL had 0 value, 90% of the supply was airdropped and remaining was locked for liquidity.
Backward engineering is what happened next, due to the demand this token had. Utility was created around this token. We took NFT as the theme for our ecosystem.

2-token model ecosystem was introduced. Check out our NFT-map to understand the utility! 

Up and beyond !


⁃ Crazyfrog (Just another Crypto Enthusiast like you)

P.S Anon to community for my own privacy and I am willing to do KYC to any legit teams/individuals, as we progress. Peace.


Marines don't have $BTC in their bio.


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